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Our Experience
Reds was established 16 years ago and we have been in the corporate gifts and clothing business for 10 years. We have over 40 years of design and printing experience and know what type of branding is required for any item you require.

How We Operate
It is important to explain our role: we are here to make your job easier, to allow you to concentrate on your business while we attend to the graphic design, printing, production and delivery of the end product. We have a deep understanding of each facet of the graphic design and printing and promotions industry. We know the individual skilled workers and firms on which we can rely and we orchestrate the overall process on your behalf and deliver the approved final product with minimum work on your part.

A quotation will be submitted for approval and typically an advance payment made before we proceed to implementation.

REDS will design a concept for your initial approval. Once tweaked to your satisfaction and provided it meets all of your objectives, we then implement the design into the final product whether this be a logo for embroidery, laser engraving, screen/pad print or any other printing process that is used for that particular product.

Proofs will be submitted via email in the form of a pdf file. Once approved, we will complete the design ready for printing. We send the files to our printers who will supply us with a pdf proof for your approval.

Once approved, our committed delivery times apply. Our estimated delivery time is always stated on our quotations.

Reds Advertising’s main focus is to provide an effective and affordable advertising vehicle to businesses, organizations and brands in order to reach their target market.

We are a customer-led company aimed at providing creative concepts and ideas to improve your position in your particular market. We use marketing disciplines such as general advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and corporate gifts and clothing.  Our goal is to be without equal in integrity, sincerity, service and quality, specializing as an advertising and printing practitioner.

Fundamental Guidelines:

  • Maintain the highest levels of honesty and integrity in all aspects of the business.
  • Absolute commitment to quality.
  • Commitment to customer care and service.

Reds Advertising- building your brand, selling your products.


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